9 Mar 2020

When the bookies get in on the act you can bet that something big has caught the public imagination. Back in the mid ‘90s, Kay Mellor’s Band of Gold, so grabbed the attention of the public that bookmakers started taking bets on the identity of the killer in the ground-b...

1 Mar 2020

What can I say about La Voix that I haven’t already said in my previous reviews?  She is stunning.  She is gorgeous.  She oozes glamour and she has a rare pair of lungs on her that can belt out a tune in any style you care to mention.  It is no secret tha...

27 Feb 2020

The King and I is a testament to the lavish heritage from the golden age of musicals.  Featuring a company of over 50 world‐class performers, a full-scale orchestra, classic songs and extravagant costumes, this critically acclaimed Tony Award winning production of The K...

24 Feb 2020

Beyond The Barricade is the perfect night out for anyone who is a lover of musicals.  And when I say musicals, I mean what some may consider the heavyweight musicals.  As the title name suggests Beyond The Barricade includes a massive finale of Les Mis, amongst other cl...

18 Feb 2020

Once is a triumph.  Even before the show officially starts the cast are on stage having an impromptu sing a long in a Dublin pub.  It feels very authentic and really sets the scene for what is to come.  Its so much fun that you almost forget you are here to see a show a...

30 Jan 2020

Holes is an inventive new stage show based on the multi-award-winning novel and blockbuster film of the same name.  This brilliant and thrilling production is engaging and intriguing and I highly recommend it.  Holes is part of the theatre’s Made in Northampton season,...

15 Jan 2020

Go, go go Joseph, you know what they say, go go go Joseph you’ll make it to Waterside in Aylesbury someday. Well that someday is this week as Joseph receives a very warm welcome from its audience. It’s an iconic piece of theatre with exceptional songs by Tim Rice and An...

10 Jan 2020

Okay so you all know I love David Bowie…what you didn’t know?!!  But what you might not know is what my favourite tracks are.  Its almost an impossible task to write down a top five or even a top ten so I went with twenty to allow me to share with you some of my favouri...

17 Dec 2019

Cinderella is a stunning, all singing and dancing pantomime that in my opinion is the best one Northampton has ever staged.  It’s got everything you want and more.  I was really impressed with the very high standard of the cast and production.  The opening scene is brig...

15 Dec 2019

Beauty and the Beast is one of the less obvious pantomimes, so it is refreshing to see it at this time of year. You may be familiar with the story from the Disney cartoon but to see it acted out on stage takes it to another level. Beauty and the beast is at Stantonbury...

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The King and I 
Band Of Gold
The Mousetrap
The Sound Of Music
Heaven 17
Some Mothers

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