18 Feb 2016

Derren Brown has made himself into a household name. But what as? After debating it last night we decided ‘Mentalist’ was the best word. He uses magic but I could not call him a magician. He uses humour but is not a comedian. He knows psychology but certainly does not p...

3 Feb 2016

So last night I went to see Howard Jones.  He was very local to me in a small venue and my husband likes him so we decided to go.  The Stables venue is a lovely intimate venue with friendly staff and it almost felt like the performers are in your living room....

11 Jan 2016

I blog.  I blog about things I feel strongly about.  I blog about things I love. So today of all days – what else can I do but write down a few feelings on the passing of my idol, David Bowie.

Those of you that know me, already know that David Bowie h...

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The King and I 
Band Of Gold
The Mousetrap
The Sound Of Music
Heaven 17
Some Mothers

February 27, 2020

February 24, 2020

January 30, 2020

January 10, 2020

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