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Another record that changed my life

Tim Arnold is an accomplished musician. Not only has he made some fabulous songs over the years, he has also been the founder of the #savesoho campaign. During lockdown he was nominated on Facebook to post his favourite ten albums over ten days with no explanation. If you’re on Facebook you may well have been nominated by a friend to do the same.

This is what he had to say about it.

‘I was nominated to name ten albums that I love but never giving an explanation. I Struggled with this deeply. There are albums that fuel the fire that makes me live and I can’t talk about them without wanting to explain why I love them so much.’ He smiles as he says this. ‘So, I thought I would write a song about my favourite albums. There are more than ten of them – so I wrote the song and I played it for days – because it made me happy as it was making me think of every single album that I love. Well almost every album in the space of about four minutes. It’s a happy number for a Tim Arnold song but it makes me happy to sing it. The video took about four weeks and 93 people have contributed in the video with their favourite albums. It’s not just my favourite albums – it’s theirs too.‘

As it was during lockdown people sent in their videos of themselves with their favourite album. Some singing, some dancing, some doing a sketch. Tim thought ‘wow I am editing a small film here’.

Tim continues ‘I am releasing it as a single and the reason I am doing it is because of help musicians UK. Please keep sharing it to raise awareness of them to help struggling musicians. Thank you to the 93 heroes who helped create this – it’s helping to keep our community and our culture alive so they can keep creating.’

I am one of the 93 so if you look hard you may see me in this music video. Tim thanks us but I want to thank Tim. He is a generous soul raising awareness of Help musicians

Here’s another record that changed our lives. Let’s get into that place. That puts the smile back on our face.


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