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I Should Be So Lucky - Milton Keynes Theatre

I Should Be So Lucky is the shiny new musical featuring all the songs you love from the Stock Aitken Waterman’s back catalogue.  It’s a fun fest sing-a-long and is at Milton Keynes Theatre this week.


Its no spoiler to say Ella is jilted at the alter by her fiancé Nathan.  However, the honeymoon to Turkey just got a little crowded as Ella finds herself on her honeymoon with her friends, her mum and even her fun-loving nan.  Nathan realises he has made a mistake and follows Ella to Turkey with his best man, Ash.  But Ella is already receiving a lot of attention from Nadeem.  Who will she choose?  How does she decide?  Well Ella has a secret weapon.  She has a fairy godmother that she talks to in the mirror.  You will recognise her as pop princess and all-round amazing goddess, Kylie.  Yes, you heard me right!  Kylie is looking amazing – full of wise words (and a few song lyrics) and helps Ella with her dilemmas.


This is the campest show in town.  It’s better than Mamma Mia and I was almost bursting when Kylie in all her glorious diva-ness showed up (even if it is digital), I was absolutely squealing.  Ella is played by Lucie-Mae Sumner and is exceptional in the role.  Her voice is perfect to sing the SAW classics and her acting is off the scale.  She reminds me of a more talented version of Emma Stone.  Truly outstanding.  Her fiancé, Nathan is played by Billy Roberts and he is adorable.  Who wouldn’t want to marry him?  His acting feels earnest as he tries to win back Ella.  Billy makes Nathan relatable, even though jilting Ella starts him off as a bit of a baddie – he has a good reason – a family secret for what he did.


The other two stand out performances in this sea of phenomenal talent on stage are Giovanni Spano who plays Ash, the best man.  He is so funny and reminds me of a young Freddie Star.  However, perhaps a bit too camp for the pairing he ends up with.  Not everyone needs pairing up at the end of the show and this is a classic example of when its not right.  I also loved Spencer who is the hotel manager.  Played by Jamie Chapman, he steals every scene and has some fabulous dry witty lines that are right up my street.  Think Larry Grayson meets cupid.  


The set is fabulous and fits the show perfectly.  But it’s the songs are the real stars of the show and boy are you in for a treat.  Classics include You Spin Me Round, Step Back In Time, I Heard A Rumour, Hand On Your Heart, Respectable, Showin’ Out, Too Many Broken Hearts In The World, Venus and Pete Waterman’s favourite, Never Gonna Give You Up as well as the title track, I Should Be So Lucky.  I promise you will be on your feet singing and dancing at the end of the night.


I’ll put my hand on my heart and tell you that you should be so lucky to see this show.  Step back in time and know this show is especially for you.


I Should Be So Lucky is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 9 March 2024.




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