About me...who else?! 

I started blogging in 2009.  I love films so when friends asked my opinion, I decided to write a blog offering a review of the film.  I was soon writing gig and theatre reviews. I gave an honest review.  This was not to criticise, as I consider myself a reviewer rather than a critic, but to let people know as a friend would if the show or gig was worth seeing.  Little did I know that by 2015 my blog would become so popular that I was nominated as a finalist in the Milton Keynes Digital Awards.  I was now reviewing not only for my own blog, but for other sites too.  In 2016, I was approached to write a piece for a book and I collaborated on a play entitled ‘Can you hear me, Major Tom?’, both of which are about David Bowie. I reviewed at several theatres and was nominated as a finalist once again, for the Milton Keynes Digital Awards 2016. I had international recognition including from Tony Visconti (David Bowie’s producer).  In 2017, I got to see 'Can you hear me, Major Tom?' performed in front of a paying audience. I wrote for more online sites including Gig Junkies and We Are Cult.  I wrote a piece for two published books, 'David Bowie - I was there' and 'My Bowie Story' and continue to review regularly at four theatres.


2018 took a slight detour.  I found myself in the USA for the first time in 14 years.  It deserved a review.  I wrote about New York and Las Vegas from a tourist point of view.  I don’t see myself as a travel blogger but it was too good an opportunity to miss.  I continued to regularly review in theatres and did several amazing gigs for Gig Junkies including Billy Idol and Heaven 17.


2019 celebrated my 10-year anniversary of blogging and reviewing.  I had regular fans to the site and continued to get lovely feedback from many famous faces.  I got to see Les Mis twice and American Idiot which was one that had been on my bucket list.  One of my highlights was meeting Nile Rogers when reviewing Meltdown festival that he hosted.  I curated part an art exhibition at Ripley Arts Centre in Bromley for Sara Captain and I caught up with Lee Mead about Holby.


At the start of 2020, I had already reviewed some incredible shows including a wonderful production of The King And I.  Sadly in March, Covid 19 hit us and suddenly all theatres and venues were closed. No gig reviews. No theatre reviews.  The future looked bleak. I decided to write a weekly blog ‘Corona Virus’ diary.  It covered everything and anything that was going on including online shows, news, lockdown hair and the weather. I have been invited to talk about Bowie and blogging to an online audience and I have been featured in a music video.  All while in lockdown.

Who knows where the story leads?  Stay in touch to find out.

Sad News re Digital Awards

I am sorry to announce that due to a lack of sponsorship the Milton Keynes Digital Awards will not be taking place in 2017 and possibly not take place again. If you could help with sponsorship for this please contact: 


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