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Testimonials and Feedback

I recently reviewed Footloose, starring Darren Day. He read my review and sent me this video in return. I was delighted to receive this. Thanks Darren. 


Read my review of Footloose here.  

Footloose - 2022 UK Tour - Photo Mark Senior-32.jpg

Nic Greenshields (Actor) (Javert in Les Mis) - 'Thank you for coming back to see the show (Les Mis) and for your review - much appreciated. That’s really very kind of you. It’s a powerful show and many people are moved by it. I was in the o2 version as convict 5 and waving the flag lol.'


Tony Visconti (David Bowie Producer) - 'Thanks to the lovely and loving review by Jasmine Storm of our Shepherds Bush show. I can once again reminisce about the wonderful experience of playing great music with great musicians.'

Woody Woodmansey (Drummer and Spider from Mars) - 'Thanks Jasmine for the great pics and review, glad you enjoyed it.'

Bob Harris (DJ) - 'Thank you for this wonderful review. I’m so happy you enjoyed the show.'

Lousie Dearman (West End Star) - 'Thank you lovely lady.'

Lee Mead(Actor) - 'Thank you Jasmine. xxx'

Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) - 'It's always nice to read a good review, it's so much nicer to read a review written by someone with a real passion and love for what they are talking about and Jasmine has that Passion in everything she writes. X'

Martyn Ware (Founder member of The Human League and Heaven 17) - 'Wow Thanks Jasmine Storm. Jasmine's reviews are always a great encouragement, it's great to hear her detailed views and her enthusiasm for all kinds of music.'

Clifford Slapper (Pianist) - 'Thanks Jasmine, for this glowing review which is so detailed and well written. This kind of thing really helps to make all the hard work worthwhile! It was a pleasure having you there. x'. 

Clare Grogan (Singer, Altered Images) - 'Great to meet you and thank you for the lovely review. x'

Will Barratt (Actor) - 'Wow, what a lovely review, thank you so much. It was a great night, with a wonderful audience and overwhelming response, that was greatly appreciated by us all. So pleased you enjoyed the show so much!'

Ian Hughes (Actor) - 'Well that’s very nice of you to say'. 

Amy Ellen Richardson (Actor) - 'An actor’s goal is to tell their characters story as truthfully as they can & allow an audience to be taken on that journey too. So when I hear from people that Margarets story has moved them it means a huge amount. Thank you so much for taking the time to tweet Jasmine'. 

Mari Wilson (Soul Singer) - 'Great to meet you too - fabulous review! X'

Ray Burmiston (Singer and Photographer) - 'I bloody love it!! (The review). Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm proud of that night and your review is a big part of that. I may show it off a bit by sharing the link if that's okay with you.  You have a great talent with words and also I love the superman bit!! xx'

Joanne Clifton (Dancer and Actor) - ' Thank you so much for this review!'

Ben Adams (Actor and Singer) - 'Why thank you jasmine!'

Gaynor Faye (Actor) - 'Awwwww thank you Jasmine'

Jake Sharp (Actor) - 'Hahaha I LOVE the John Belushi call. Thrilled with that!'

Tony Visconti (Producer and Musician) - 'Thank you, Very nice review.'

Steve (Smiley) Barnard - 'Thanks jasmine. Great review x'


Janette Mason (Musican) - 'Thanks Jasmine. Lovely review'.

Samuel Haughton (Actor) - 'Thanks Jasmine! Glad you enjoyed it.x'

Kristian Lavercombe (Actor) - 'Thank you Jasmine! Glad you enjoyed'

Dianne Pilkington (Actor) - 'thank you x'

Charles Brunton (Actor) - 'Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the show! Xxxx'

Katie Brace (Actor) - 'Thank you so much Jasmine!'

Carrie Grant (Voice Coach and Singer) - 'What a lovely thing to say, thank you'. 

Chicago Blues Brothers - 'Great review of last nights show... Thank you Jasmine. You really get what we are doing with the BB brand. Thank you.'

Conor O'Hara (Actor) - 'So glad you enjoyed the show. First time I’ve been big for anything pretty sure I still can’t get on rides at Disneyland Thank you'

Stephen Webb (Actor) - 'Thank you Jasmine'

Michael Watson (Actor) - 'Aww thank you so much xx'

Michael Quinn (Actor) - 'So glad you enjoyed yourself x'

Jessica Lee Morgan (Singer) - 'Lovely review by Jasmine Storm of our Palladium gig. Thanks Jasmine!'

The Flicks (Band) - 'So kind what you have written!!!! We will share this!! And Marc (Almond) is an amazing man I'm so glad he influenced you so much xxx'

Funmilayo (Singer) - 'Can I just say...thank you!!!  I am framing this write up of my performance at the album launch Bowie Songs One'.

Sara Captain (Artist) - 'ABSOLUTELY GREAT Jasmine! Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by you and the unexpected, challenging questions you threw at me! Five Years it is then! XXX'

John Partridge (Actor) - 'You are always welcome at my club! x' 

Alison Moyet (Singer) - 'You kind soul xxx'

Tony Visconti (Bass player and David Bowie producer) - 'Thanks Jasmine. That was a great review. Lovely photos too. xxx.  I sent it to the rest of the band. They love it.xx'

Red Planet Zone - 'Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution!'

Vuduvox - 'Merci Indeed. I've re-read it again and again and have just sent it to some friends and put it online. Thanks a million!'

Holly-Ann Lowe (Actor) - 'Thank you so much!! Really glad you enjoyed the show'. 

Colin Kiyani (Actor) - 'Thank you so much!'

Gina Murray (Actor) - 'I'm ever so grateful. Thank you. x'

Brenda Edwards (Actor) - 'Awwww thank you very much I’m glad you enjoyed the show xx'

Annalise Liard (Actor) - 'Thank you darling x'

Phil Atkinson (Actor) - 'Thankyou... I’ll take that!'

Layton Williams (Actor) - 'Wow. What a compliment. Thank you so much. This made me smile a lot.' 

Aimee Moore (Actor) - 'Wow - thank you so much for a fabulous review! glad you enjoyed the show! '

Jenna Innes (Actor) - 'Oh Jasmine, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. I'm glad you had a lovely time.'

Jon Tsouras (Actor) - 'Thank you Jasmine. xx'

Genevieve Say (Actor) - 'Thanks for the lovely review'

Jamie Chapman (Actor) - 'Thanks for a lovely review of our show :-)'

Daniel Boys (Actor) - 'Thanks so much Jasmine. We’re all having such a blast performing for you and our amazing, packed, loud audiences!'

Gina Murray (Actor) - 'Oh my goodness! I’m overwhelmed. Thank you xxx'

Andy Collins (Actor and BBC three counties presenter) - 'That’s so very kind of you my lovely and so blooming pleased you had good time xxx'

Steve Hewlett (Ventriloquist and Comedian)   - 'Thank you Jasmine'

Brenda Edwards (Actor) - 'Thank you very much'. 

Tom Whitelock (Actor) - Aw shucks!! so much loveliness said about our show!'

Christopher Weeks (Actor) - 'Thanks for coming, Jasmine, you guys were an awesome crowd! Determined and gentle, driven but likeable is how I see Buddy (Holly) in my head, so I'm delighted that came across!'

Harry Boyd (Actor) - 'Thanks for coming Jasmine! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for your lovely review :) Rock on!'

Daniel Taylor (Actor) - Cheers Jasmine. x'

Michael Webborn (Musical Director) - '' Thanks for the musical mention! We are really happy to be bringing back the Panto magic to Waterside this christmas!'

Lyn Paul (Actor and Singer) - Thank you Jasmine. x'

Shannon Rothwell (Actor) - 'Thank you so much'

Sean Jones (Actor) - Thanks for the lovely reviewxxxx. Aw thank you so much jasmine thrilled u enjoyed xxxxx'

Stantonbury Theatre - 'Such a great review, thanks so much'

Peter Hooton (The Farm) - 'Thanks for posting'

La Voix (Drag Artist) - 'Thank you my darling!! So thrilled you enjoyed it! Thank you for coming! X'

'Darling lovely review - lovely to meet you too!'


Andy Collins (Comedian and Radio DJ) - Very kind of you thank you xx

Off Beat Lounge - 'Lovely blog from one of our Milton Keynes guests...thank you Jasmine! Glad you loved your night...Oh that's wonderful Jasmine. Thank you so much! happy to share it, and thanks again for your kind words. Really glad you enjoyed your night.'

Scott Paige (Actor) - 'Great review Jasmine! Thank you very much x.'

Antony Costa (Actor) - 'What a lovely review. Thank you. :) '

Zoe Birkett (Actor) - 'Thank you so much for the lovely review. x'

Dickon Gough (Actor) - 'Very glad you enjoyed it'.

Scott Paige (Actor) - 'Aw that's so lovely, thank you so much xxx'.

MKTOC - 'What a lovely review! Both I, my team and Alan the Hedgehog thank you. Glad you had a lovely night'.

Des Kay (Radio Presenter and voiceover artist)  -  'Jasmine Storm's review is spot on.'

Urban Collective (Acting agency) '@AndyMoss gives great credibility to the role...demonstrates his range of fantastic acting skills" … @Jasminestormy.'

Katie Hartland (Actor) - 'thanks so much! glad you enjoyed the show :).'

Lyn Paul (Actress) - 'Glad you enjoyed it Jasmine. x'.

Russell Wenman (Actor) - Brilliant Review. Thanks'.

Helen Anker (Actor) - 'Thanks so much. This is fabulous!'

Simon Bailey (Actor) - 'Thank you very much.'

Declan Egan (Actor) - 'Thanks so much Jasmine. Glad you enjoyed it! x'

Ruth (Facebook) - 'Great Piece Jasmine. My complex neurological condition is invisible.'

Graham Martin (Actor) - 'Thank you Jasmine. Nice to be recognised, means a lot. Really glad you enjoyed the show.'

Jake Canuso (Actor) - 'Muchas Gracias Carino. Glad you had fun'.

Sue (Twitter) - 'Great review that actually makes me want to go and see this production even after hearing the West End version...'

Kate Parr (Actor) - 'Thank you. Thank you'.

Nicky Swift (Actor) - 'How Lovely. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the show. x'

Chris Nelson (Actor / Director) - 'Thank you! X'

Antony Costa (Ex-blue member, actor and singer) - 'Thank you  :D'

Val Murphy - ' Loved your review of Cilla the Musical at MK Theatre. Thanks for all the positive remarks.'

@Mary M Robin - 'My most favourite review of Will Young #Emcee #Kabaret by @jasminestormy. Please read, having seen this production 16 times, she's spot on. Great review. I loved the whole review and added a paragraph of it to my home screen on my phone'. 

Nine Below Zero - 'Thanks Jasmine. Stay in touch.'

Miracle Chance (Actor/Singer) - 'Aw thanks so much'.

Linda (Facebook) - 'I read more than the piece about the statue. the piece entitled 'Are you a true Bowie fan brought tears to my eyes!'

Absolute Bowie - 'Thanks for such a lovely review Jasmine, I did repost on our channels but apologies for not emailing you back. Happy New Year to you and hope we see you again one day x.'

Taryn Sudding (Actress) - Thank you so much!! I am blown away by your words and so appreciate the support. My hair deeply appreciates the attention too and will have extra bounce in tonight's performance as a result. x '

Amy Bell (Facebook) - 'You're good and anyone could feel that same feeling of electricity and adoration from your review. Well done.'

@danielwhitehou3 ‏- 'Everything you said in that review is so true. Do you write professionally? You should if you don't.'

@bobbiechatt - 'Lovely review (Grease) - off to see these superstars in action now'.

@RackyPlews - ' Thanks for your joyous review Jasmine! So glad you loved the show!'

@sophiematthew - 'Thank you for such lovely words Jasmine! so glad you enjoyed the show.'

Laura Atkins (Actress) - 'Thank you for the lovely mention.' 

La Voix  (Drag Artist) - 'And so lovely to see you! X'

Lauren Hall (Actress) - 'Wow thank you Jasmine, so glad you enjoyed the show. Merry Christmas to you x'

George Olney (Actor) - 'Lovely review. Thanks a million! xx'

Debbie (Facebook) - 'You are a wonderful ambassador for the legacy of Bowie in every way you can Jasmine and you

work very hard at it.'

Amy (Facebook) - 'You're good and have written that post with the same feeling of electricity and adoration of all fans. well done'. 

Dave Showler (Puppeteer) - 'A good read, lots of love and good vibes on those pages'.

Bowie Ireland (FB page) - 'Looovvee it. Great read. Thanks Jasmine Storm'

Brenda (Facebook) - 'A really lovely piece. I would have loved to go to Brooklyn, but sadly couldn't, so its great to hear from those who did. Thanks'. 

Doug Paterson (DJ) - 'Lovely Jas - from a 70's glam boy too. x'

Dave (Facebook) - 'Always enjoy reading your stuff'.

Sarah (Facebook) - 'Thank you so much for sharing. What a lovely tribute to OAD and my home town.'

Ian (Facebook) - 'This is a fabulous read and encapsulates everything about the evening'.

Linda (Facebook) - 'Fabulous piece Jasmine'.

Kerry (Facebook) - 'Lovely piece to sit and read Jasmine,we really miss OAD and hope and pray that each day will get better and we will be all back together again'.

Ij (Facebook) - ''Enjoyed the article, Enjoy OAD, It encapsulates the early 80s for me. The crowd the buzz of the room.

DJs who can stir up the right atmosphere. The crowd very knowledgable about the music when you chat and dancing non- stop.  Well done Jasmine, a good read!'

Alan (Facebook) - 'Bless you Jasmine.  Here's hoping were back before too long.'

Gayle (Facebook) - 'I love it too! I’ve missed it... miss ‘my music’ miss my dancing. The only place where you’re not judged on your choice of music'

Sarah (Facebook) - 'Just read this Jasmine. Such a great read and yes, I miss this too.  I miss all of it, the gigs, theatre, live music, anything live, dancing, people, socialising and hugs most of all.'

Mark (Facebook) - 'Having only discovered OAD by being lucky enough to be told of the Heaven 17 after party,post gig in 2018 (I think !),we’ve only missed one night (Holiday) since,and the article captures the warmth,and the ‘feeling’ of being part of something special,it’s the night out I miss the most in our social calendar,let’s all hope it’s sooner,rather than later before we can get normality ... and OAD! ... back ... stay safe Darklings'

Annie (Facebook) - 'Fantastic piece, Jasmine. The last paragraph gave me all the feels (ast the kids say!) Thank you for writing this x

Sharon (Facebook) -  'What a wonderful tribute to OAD. I, like everyone else is missing it so much. You describe it so wonderfully Jasmine Storm's reviews and views. thank you for bringing all the wonderful feelings for us Darklings to ponder over.  we can't wait to get back to our wonderful club. Xx

Nick (Facebook) - 'Great Piece Jasmine. I think we are all missing OAD and the people more than we like to admit...'

Mel (Facebook) - 'What a super article'

Brian (Facebook) - 'Quite beautifully written. From your heart, where all the best works of art stem from.'


Jan (Faceook) - 'Lovely tribute to OAD Jasmine. We all miss it so much.'

Leanne (Facebook) - 'Great Review and I totally agree with you Jasmine. Especially your comments about Angelo have echoed exactly what my friends and I thought. x'.

Fran (Facebook) - 'That was a kind review jas. I'm glad I didnt pay for my ticket. ;)'.

Debbie (Facebook) - 'Good review and totally agree we were short changed with the singers'. 

Mark (Facebook) - 'Pretty much my take on the show Jasmine. I was particularly disappointed that Moore ruined my fav Quiksand. This was a tribute to Bowie not a platform for a performing seal!! PS - Loved Mike, Gerry, Adrian and the other 3 vocalists as you said performed very well. As you said with Gabby and Bernard in the states the show will have that extra touch of class'. 

Paul (Facebook) - 'Thank you Jasmine. That was very interesting'.

Sheri (Facebook) - 'Great review Jasmine...lovely to meet you too!'

John Dyson & The Bloody Marys - 'Thanks for the nice review!'

Melody (Facebook) - Great review indeed!'

David R (Facebook) - ' Thanks for a great review. x'

David U (Facebook) - 'Great review! It was as if I was there with you!'

Kim (Facebook) - ' Beautifully written. 10/10.'

@phillnsan - 'Totally agree (with your review)'

@Meadaholics - 'Fabulous review. #pantomime'

Sean (Facebook) - 'Nice of you to say that my son could give Mick (Ronson) a run for his money. It was a very well written piece.'

Steve (Facebook) - 'I saw your comment in the David Bowie I was there book....Fab words. x'

Vivien (Facebook) - 'Loved the review'

Mark (Facebook) - 'Fantastic review by an obvious real music fan!'

Wendy (Facebook) - 'Great review of an intersting insight of Bowie's early days to fame. x'

Gloria (Facebook) - 'Very well written Jasmine... I agree completely. Thank you.'

Randall (Facebook) - Great Review'

Electronically Yours - 'Jasmine Storm has written a splendid review of H17's Friday night 'Luxury' live treat'

Sarah (Facebook) - 'Jasmine's review absolutely nails the fabulous time we had at the Bowie convention'. 

Bianca Barrett (Editor Gig Junkies) - 'Superb, well done Jasmine. Its a great review'. 

Annie (Facebook) - Great Post. Such an interesting read - event sounded cosmic'.

Dublin Bowie Festival (Facebook page) - 'Great review by gig blogger, Jasmine Storm'. 

Baz (Facebook) - 'Fair and honest, well done'. 

Chantel (Facebook) - 'Beautiful. Love it'.

@DavidBowieReflections - 'Nice read Jasmine. Thank you'

Steffan Harri (Actor) - 'Thank you Jasmine. Glad you enjoyed the show'.

Jennifer Tierney (Actor) - 'Thanks so much Jasmine'

Sarah Lou Jones (Actor) - 'What a fab review! Thank you Jasmine!'

Jane (Facebook) - 'Really great. You're wonderful'. 

Shan (Facebook) - What a fantastic review! You were spot on with the material in the exhibit as well as the gift shop.' 

Keith (Facebook) - 'That was wonderful Jasmine. Love on ya. xx'.

David G (Facebook) - 'Thank you very much, loved your story.'

Desiree (Facebook) - 'What a wonderful review. was like re-living the gig reading this.' 

Kimberly (Facebook) - 'Great read'.

Melody (Facebook) - ' Fantastic blog Jasmine. I loved all the photos too. Much Bowie love'.

@MissJayne66 (Twitter) - 'Absolutely spot on with this - - such a good show'

Clare (Facebook) - 'Fab review Jasmine Storm! Agree 100%. Was really a night to remember. Loved it'.

TR (Facebook) - 'Thank you for sharing this. It was very sweet and very well written'

Mark (Facebook) - 'That is a really lovely moving piece of writing Jasmine Storm. Thanks for sharing'.

Lubin (Facebook) - ' Wonderful blog post. The energy!'


@paulspace (Twitter) - 'Great reviews of stuff, big in to the 80's, what's not to like #twitterNYHonoursList'

@peterjamesstage (Twitter) - 'Amazing! Thank you so much for sending this through. Will share on our channels. x'

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