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Who is the best band to come out of Sheffield? Ever!

It has been decided. The best band of all time to come out of Sheffield has been settled. It was not agreed in a dark room by a committee. Oh no…this was an open vote to anyone who wanted to give their choice. You didn’t need to come from Sheffield to vote – it’s a real public vote.

So who won? I am delighted to announce that Heaven 17 took the crown. It is a well-deserved title. At the end of the day it is about how you treat your fans. Do you go that extra step to interact with your fans? Do you meet them after the gigs to sign posters and CD's and pose for photos? Martyn and Glenn not only do all of that but always find time for their fans. They appreciate their fans and their fans have now shown how much they love Heaven 17.

It is a diverse range of talent that has come out of Sheffield, with heavy rock group Def Leppard coming in second place and rival electronic band The Human League coming in third place. This is very interesting as Martyn Ware from Heaven 17 is a founder member of The Human League and share a lot of the same fans.

The Results

1st Heaven 17 2,250 2nd Def Leppard 1,750 3rd Human League 950 4th ABC 480 5th Pulp 370 6th Arctic Monkeys 251 7th Moloko 85

8th Reverend and the Makers 77

9th Bring me the Horizon 69

10th Babybird 47

This year celebrates 35 years since Penthouse and Pavement (their first album) was released. They are doing a tour of this album in its entirety in October and if that wasn’t enough they are also offering us a tasting of BEF (British Electric Foundation) with special guests. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

Tickets are available now from their website:

I will see you there!

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