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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

When a show gets a standing ovation on a Tuesday night it is worth going to see. When you find out that the show is Joseph – with music and lyrics by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, you know it’s going to be good. Add to the mix an amazingly talented cast and a fantastic orchestra and you have an evening out that you will want to repeat again and again.

Joseph comes to Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 2 July 2016 and provides us with one of the best shows ever to hit the stage. Joseph is the well-known biblical story a boy who could interpret dreams. Joseph is the youngest of 12 children of Jacob and as he was Jacob’s favourite son which his brothers didn’t like. So his brothers decide to get rid of Joseph – and sell him as a slave. Joseph ends up in Egypt and works hard from nothing to become the successful number two of the Pharaoh. It is a real rags to riches story.

Joseph is played by Joe McElderry who is best known for winning X-Factor in 2009. Joe has an amazing voice and his range effortlessly gives each song meaning. But Joe is not just a great singer, he can also act and has a very expressionate face which really gives the role of Joseph an edge. Joe excels in the role of Joseph, making it is own.

The story is told by a Narrator and in this show that part is played by Lucy Kay. Her voice is simply beautiful and she is almost operatic at times. She gives the story passion and meaning.

Of course Jacob has another eleven sons which all gave brilliant performances. All the cast were fantastic but I do have to give a mention to Emilianos Stamatakis who played the Pharaoh. He really could have been Elvis! It was an absolutely fabulous performance.

What also makes this a fantastic show is the music. There are songs you will know such as Any Dream Will Do and Go Go Go Joseph, but there are also many songs performed in a different style, for example One More Angel in Heaven is done in a country style; Those Canaan Days is done in a Parisian style; Benjamin has his own Calypso and Pharaoh’s song is done as if Pharaoh is Elvis. This range of different styles gives a chance to add some humour. Those Canaan Days they are all in stripped t-shirts and berets with even a bike with onions on it. And let’s not forget the blow up sheep…Yes, inflatable furry sheep that just add a small element of humour to the show.

There are so many reasons to go and see this show. Firstly, the songs are exceptional and you will be humming them for days afterwards. Secondly it features an amazing cast who all bring the show to life, and finally it’s funny and even features a fluffy inflatable sheep! So like go go go Joseph…you need to go go go to see this show.

5/5 stars.

Originally published on About Milton Keynes Website.

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