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Bay City Rollers. Waterside Theatre.

So before I fell in love with David Bowie, I loved the Bay City Rollers. All these years later and I still own three Bay City Roller albums. So when I was asked if I wanted to review them, of course I jumped at the chance.

There had been some miscommunication about interviews and so they were not expecting me. But Les kindly offered to talk to me while he had a cigarette break. But I was taken aback when he said he had Googled me and knew I was a blogger. Les McKeown had Googled ME! It was just too much. I was a bit lost for words which doesn’t happen often so instead I showed him my three albums which he was happy to sign and pose for a photo. There were a few fans at the stage door, dressed head to toe in tartan, and they all wanted a photo or two so any interview went out of the window.

Instead I talked to the fans who had travelled from around the country to see him. One fan, Anne, told me that her husband had bought her tickets for a show and she was eight rows from the front. She told him it was unacceptable and he had to pay again for better tickets for her. These fans are absolutely die-hards. They adore Les and he adores them. He already uses social media to speak to them all and they tell him openly how much they love him. It is obvious that the tartan army are some of the most dedicated fans in the world.

We took our seats in the theatre and suddenly I was transported back to being a 10 year old.



B.A.Y. C.I.T.Y.

With an R.O. double L. E. R. S.

Bay City Rollers are the best!

The curtain went up and there was Les and his band in full tartan regalia. He welcomed us to his secret gig. It was less than half full but for every single person in that audience, they didn’t care. Les was singing to them personally. He really is funny and charming and absolutely everything I first fell in love with about the Bay City Rollers.

He sang a number of well-known songs, album tracks and also some new songs from his latest album called the lost songs. Summer Love Sensation, Shang-A-Lang, Saturday Night and of course Bye Bye Baby, Give A Little Love and Remember, had me remembering lyrics I hadn’t sung for 40 years. The new numbers were just as popular and in the same style as the well-known hits. A few album tracks were also given a rare airing such as You’re A Woman.

The audience, and when I say this I mean mostly women, were cheering and waving their scarves and singing along. Once or twice I felt he was singing especially to me. This is absolutely his charisma working the audience so that every member feels special. He also has a great camaraderie with his band and talked a lot to Phil Hendricks, the guitarist, who seems to know so many pop facts about the BCR that he could write questions for Pointless! It was an exceptional concert and for each person that was there, it will live in their hearts forever.

I came home not really wanting to grow back up. But I can say it proudly that I genuinely enjoyed this gig. Next time they are in your area…bye bye bye a ticket.

You can find out more about Les’ forthcoming album from his website here:

The current line up is:

Les McKeown – Vocals

Phil lHendricks – Lead Guitar

Scott McGowan – Keyboards/Bass/ Guitar

Dan Guest - Drummer

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