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Studio 54 Revival

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Studio 54, the legendary club in New York that was THE place to be. For one night only to celebrate it and all it stood for, there was going to be a revival and it was a chance to party like never before. The promoters themselves described it as: Midgets, debaucherous disco dancers, skate rollin’, Studio 54 Revival is coming to London for the most exclusive – and most inclusive – party in the Britain.

The venue was luxurious and there were so many personal touches that made this event feel extra-special such as the Studio 54 sign out of the front of the venue along with velvet ropes. There were midgets, podium dancers and roller-skating dancing girls. There were streamers and balloons falling from the ceiling onto the dance floor at periods throughout the night There was a range of fabulous cocktails. There was even a VIP option to reserve a table with security to guard it. It really did feel like we were the who’s who of the Studio 54 world. This was a slick professional that gave feel of a very special occasion. There was table service for drinks and most of all there was the music. Disco ruled and people danced literally all-night long.

The music was exceptional and the DJ knew his stuff. He played a range of dance tracks from the time and the clocks rolled back to 1977. Of course, you expected some of the obvious disco tracks such as Disco Inferno, Boogie Nights and Saturday Night Fever, enjoyed tracks such as Instant Replay and the classic I feel love but then some perhaps not so obvious contenders such as Aretha Franklin’s Respect and Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. It didn’t matter what he played. Everyone was here to have a good time and dancing was a huge part of that.

Not only did they dance, but everyone who came along made a huge effort with their outfits too. The fashion had been rolled back to the 1970’s too. It was very glitz and glam. Fur was everywhere on both men and women along with sequins, shiny gold lame and even hot pants. There were men in velvet suits, ladies looking like they just walked out of Saturday Night Fever in silky fabrics and even a few wigs to ensure our hair was truly circa 1977 styles.

The organisers, Bellmonte Life, brought it big time and delivered their promises in abundance. The night paid tribute to 40th Anniversary of New York’s legendary Studio 54 and to an era when disco was king and fashion was glamourous. And for one night it really was THE place to be. I just hope we don’t have to wait another 40 years for the next one.

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