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Whose turn?

Comedy is a fickle creature. What floats your boat may leave someone else cold. It is only the really talented who dare to try to make people laugh for a living. When I heard that a local comedy group were offering us their version of the old TV show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? I knew I had to go along and experience this. After all its brave to do comedy, but its bordering on crazy to do comedy improvisation!

I witnessed talent that is not only the best in Milton Keynes but I would challenge anyone to find anything more funny and talented in the whole country. These guys were amazing. The could do improv as if they had been doing it since they were born. Steve was the compare and along with support on the keyboard by Paul, David, Brian, Matt and Sean gave us so many laughs we were crying.

There were many categories such as adverts to music. Try advertising toilet cleaner or sandpaper? These guys can in many different styles of music. One of my personal favourites was a fairy-tale being reported as a news item. The fairy-tale chosen by an audience member was The Princess And The Pea and this princess was called Jasmine. (how did they know?!!). The princess was played in a butch style being interviewed and then there was a German pea supplier. The mattress was othoPEAdic! Inspiring! Other games included a sketch with 4 words or less, foreign film dubbing and a folk tale about 3 hedgehogs, being translated. Another gem was what’s my job where one performer had to guess his job from clues. The audience had made it difficult for him choosing working in a mice abattoir in space and his specific job was chopping off the tails of mice. Clues such as ‘There is no atmosphere at work’ and ‘Where did Benny and Bjorn work?’ really didn’t help that much but had the audience in hysterics.

This was a fantastic night by some very talented individuals who made everyone laugh so hard that it could have been filled with laughing gas. A brilliant night.

Their next outing is The Vicar Of Dibley next April.

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