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Vuduvox are not your average electronic band. They are dirty sexy edgy and raw. They are heavy electronic music at its best. Think Depeche Mode. If you prefer Personal Jesus to Just Can’t Get Enough then Vuduvox maybe your cup of tea (or vodka). It’s very industrial.

Vuduvox are a duo of Olivier on guitar who originates from Belgium and JC on vocals who comes from France. All the songs are sung in French. Which is intentional as JC felt it gave it something different. After all he respects DAF for singing electronic music in their native German, and no one was singing this genre in French. Until now.

Their album Vandou Electrique is a challenge to the uninitiated. It is clever giving you samples of tracks called Vudubreaks in between the main tracks so you really do get value for money.

The album opens with Sérénade pour un renegat. It translates to Serende for a renegade and is a fantastic example of everything they are about. It’s hard and raunchy with a good beat. This track is dedicated to Gary Asquith (Formally of Rema Rema, Mass and Renegade Soundwave) who appears a guest vocalist on the track. Berlin is a much older track from the 80’s that was originally released on vinyl but this version is a much punchier version. As the name suggests it is about the Berlin wall, east Germany and the city’s darker days under the Nazis. It’s a fast-paced track that is very danceable.

Kamikazes represents derelict industrial zones and the kind of love that can breed there. JC’s deep and sexy vocals over the lighter electronic beat works perfectly together in a strange union. Disco- Demolition is about the empty discos at the end of the night. It would not be out of place in a goth shop, with its heavy beat and dark vocals, its not death metal but its not a million miles away either.

Vuduvox are currently working on their new album but Vandou Electrique is available now. Vuduvox are unique and worth your time. Give them a listen.

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