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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Waterside, Aylesbury.

Everyone knows the legendary story of Snow White, an orphan whose wicked stepmother is so jealous of her beauty that she wants her dead. Of course Snow White is pure of heart; even the animals love her. She runs away into the woods to find a small cottage. Feeling so tired and alone she falls asleep and doesn’t hear the seven dwarfs coming home. As soon as they realise who she is they say she can stay, but she is still not safe from the Wicked Queen and her magic mirror.

This show has an amazing cast, all of whom give their all. Along with a witty script and joyous moments of laughter (12 days of Christmas), it promises to deliver on all levels. The songs are well chosen and there is something for everyone. Su Pollard (Hi De Hi) has one of the best entrances ever witnessed. She comes on singing Blondie’s One Way Or Another. This is worth the ticket price alone. I was not sure how the lovely Su would translate to a wicked queen, but she does it in her own style and with an element of humour. It was really enjoyable to watch her perform and she can sing. Hugely enjoyable performance. Andy Collins (three counties breakfast show) is perfect playing Muddles who is a hand to the queen. He is very comfortable in the role and very warm and friendly with the audience. His entrance is also memorable. He comes on to My Little Pony, riding a my little pony. It sets the scene for his character perfectly. Andy also gets some fantastic one liners. Two of my favorites are:

‘I’m feeling Well’ when he is asked how he is while hanging out at the well.

‘I have a steering wheel done the front of my shorts – its driving me nuts!’

Nurse is played by La Voix and her entrance is monumental. She comes on to Fame, but instead of singing fame, its dame. It’s a true moment of genius. La Voix is simply the best drag you will ever see. She is stylish and stunning in equal measure and I always feel underdressed next to her. She can sing and owns the stage, not unlike Shirley Bassey. She delivers humour and style with ease. She is an absolute star and a joy to watch. After the show she complimented me on my outfit and I felt this was a better compliment than Trinny and Susannah could ever give. Snow White is played by Jenna Innes and gives the role its innocence and beauty. Her voice is superb and she sings some of the Disney classics including Someday My Prince Will Come and I’m Wishing. To compliment her, the prince is played by Jon Moses and he has that charm and style that makes him her perfect partner. The little people who live in the woods all have their individual personalities and although the names may be a bit different to the Disney version, you will know their personalities by their names. Pop is played by Kieran Dumont and he is in charge of the motley crew. Andy Herd plays Sneezer, with his son, Kyle making his debut as Soppy. Kip is played by Darren Horan and Trevor Jones plays Grouchy. Twitcher is played by Kevin O’Leary and it’s great to see a female in the crew with Emma Jones as Smiler. All seven give great performances and without them… well they would have to change the title so they are an essential part of the show.

Snow White has always been my favourite Panto, it’s a familiar story and this show is exceptional, with a great cast and well-written script it delivers an all-round performance. It’s a real family favourite.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is playing Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury until 31 December 2017.

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