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The Snowman

What a wonderful seasonal show this is. Raymond Briggs classic story is transformed through the medium of dance and it’s a stunning spectacle. The set is a snow globe and it feels like it is snowing almost all the whole time from the clever lighting. Along with a full orchestra it creates the right atmosphere for the perfect interpretation. The story is of a boy who builds a snowman that comes to life and the adventures they have together was first an animation in the 1980s that was originally introduced by David Bowie in a bad Christmas jumper. This stunning dance interpretation stays true to the original story and has everything you want and more.

The Boy on tonight’s performance was played by Cameron James Sutherland and he was absolutely perfect for the role. His facial expressions add to his dance performance. When he first goes out to see the snow the way he stomps about making footprints and makes snowballs is exactly what we all do in the snow. He interpreted it so well (considering there was no snow on stage) so we all could relate to the movements. His parents were funny – especially his dad who seemed a bit dithery. His mum seemed caring and the authority figure –she is the one telling him off when he doesn’t go to bed.

Once The Snowman was alive, The Boy showed him around his house. He took him into his living room with the cat and taught him about how to stroke the cat and the TV. He started to melt by the fire so the boy took him to see the kitchen with the fridge. The snowman liked the fridge very much and suddenly there was a giant pineapple, coconut and a cool banana with shades on that danced and limboed with The Snowman. It was a delightful scene. The Snowman also went into the parents’ bedroom and dressed up in the parent’s clothes and mum’s make up. How they laughed when he tried on the blusher. After exploring the house, they went out on The Boy’s dads bike and through the woods to see the woodland animals. The fox, squirrel and badger were not amused as The Snowman was not a very good driver.

The Snowman repaid the favour and takes The Boy on a wonderful journey to meet his snow family. There is Cowboy Snowman, Fred Astaire Snowman, Arab Snowman and my favourite, Scotty Snowman amongst others. There are also penguins, an Ice Princess and of course the most important person, Father Christmas. Jack Frost comes on looking like an anime character with blue and white hair and make up to scare small children. He tries to take the Ice Princess away from The Snowman, who has a soft spot for her, and keeps upsetting the princess. Father Christmas is having none of it so Jack Frost doesn’t get a Christmas present. He must be on the naughty list. The ‘walking in the air’ moment is a really moving moment. You know it will happen but it is still very special and wonderfully done.

The end of the show is fabulous as it actually snows in the theatre. Okay it’s more like bubbles than snow but even the adults were laughing and in awe. This is a really wonderful production and I cannot recommend it enough. It is suitable for all the family but you don’t need a child to go see this. Its just a beautiful production.

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