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Erasure - World Be Gone

Sunday night in Aylesbury was a first for me. Erasure were playing and we had tickets as my hubby loves electronic music. I am ashamed to say I own only one 12” of Erasure and although I love electronic music too – Erasure were probably a little too late for me back in the day as I had moved onto a more goth scene after my post punk days. I have previously seen Andy Bell on his own as part of a BEF line up and was so impressed with his vocals on that occasion that when I heard Erasure were coming close I couldn’t not go. I have also seen Depeche Mode and Alison Moyet so if I get to see Vince Clarke too that would make it a full house!

The Waterside Theatre was full of excitement. The audience covered a range of ages, dress fashions (many, including me, were in sequins but many others in just a t-shirt and jeans) and many had travelled to come to see this duo who do not tour that often. It was a big deal for Aylesbury on a Sunday night. Reading through the tour brochure the spotlight on Andy he says thank goodness he didn’t write No GDM. I love that song so it didn’t make me happy. Vince pulls it back with his dry humour when asked if he has any nice crockery he answers he has a rather nice Robbie Williams mug.

The support were Bright Light Bright Light and this trio were gushing fans of Erasure. Their electronic sound felt like something from the mid 80’s especially with the saxophone thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed how we were told about the meanings behind the songs – I personally think its important to know what a song is trying to portray. Their short set was over rather quickly and soon it was time for the main event. Andy comes on in the most amazing jacket and sequined top. He is most certainly the front man. Vince was hidden on a high plinth – but playing keyboard and guitar he was definitely giving it everything. Later on, Andy strips off both the jacket and sequined top to only be wearing what looks like a tattoo sleeve all over his body and arms. You can imagine how much the crowd loved this!

The music was a joy to hear live. Classics I had forgotten I knew. Erasure are a part of my history whether I knew it or not. Stop, Sometimes, Blue Savannah, Oh L’Amour and Victim Of Love are all songs you know even if you don’t know Erasure well. They played some tracks from their World Be Gone album and we were even blessed to hear an old Blondie classic Atomic – done in a beautifully electronic way that only Erasure could do. The encore was A Little Respect when Vince finally came down off his plinth and joined Andy on the stage. The backing singers were also fabulous and I wanted both their outfits and especially the boots! Valerie and Emma have toured with Erasure for 30 years so they deserve a mention in any Erasure review. They both have style and sung with passion.

Andy chatted to the audience in-between the songs. I loved this as it felt personal. He talked about going to a Barbara Streisand gig and yes, he did pay for a ticket. He talked about the days of clapometers and Lena Zavaroni (yes, I am sadly old enough to remember both). He talked about Grinder and how people meet each other in today’s world. With every conversation I felt I got to know Andy a little bit more personally. It was very intimate. He talked about getting his word muddled and sometimes the wrong word comes in his mouth – yes that got a reaction from the crowd. He talked about a cup of tea in the bath and listening to Heart radio. He said cheers to all the beautiful people in the room. We all felt beautiful at that moment. Friars Aylesbury presented both Vince and Andy with an award before the encore. It was really a night to remember.

This is a fun night out. The audience is full of people who love erasure and do not let the outfits fool you. This lot know how to party!

  1. Oh L'Amour

  2. Ship of Fools

  3. Breathe

  4. Mad As We Are

  5. Just a Little Love

  6. In My Arms

  7. Chains of Love

  8. Sacred

  9. Sweet Summer Loving

  10. I Love Saturday

  11. Victim of Love

  12. Phantom Bride

  13. World Be Gone

  14. Who Needs Love Like That

  15. Take Me Out of Myself

  16. Blue Savannah

  17. Atomic

  18. Drama!

  19. Stop!

  20. Love You to the Sky

  21. Always

  22. Here I Go Impossible Again

  23. Sometimes

  24. A Little Respect

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