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Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is a feel-good musical for everyone. It may seem pink and fluffy on the surface but in fact deals with some serious issues including discrimination (albeit by your looks), abusive ex- boyfriends and sexual harassment in the workplace. Elle lives in Malibu and has a perfect life. She has friends who care about her, a handsome and clever boyfriend and a passion for fashion. However, when her boyfriend, Warner, breaks up with her as he is going to Harvard to study Law and feels Elle isn’t serious enough – she decides to go to Harvard too. No one takes her seriously as she wears clothes that don’t fit with Harvard’s style and most see her as a blonde with no brains. However, Elle did get into Harvard and goes on to show she has what it takes to be there.

Elle is played by Lucie Jones and Lucie has a perfect voice for Elle and delivers a great performance. Her manner, singing voice and smile is the perfect Elle. Occasionally she becomes a bit shouty and growls which is more like Lucille Ball than who Elle is; but mostly she is the perfect Elle giving a good all-round performance. Warner is played by Liam Doyle and what a heartbreaker he is. I couldn’t help but think how much like Zac Efron he is. He plays Warner effortlessly and with style and decorum so we never dislike him even when he breaks up with Elle. His new girlfriend is Vivienne who is played by Laura Harrison. It’s not the easiest role to play as Vivienne is a bit of a cold and snobby person but Laura plays her so well that you can forgive her all that in the end when she realises that Elle has been wronged.

Paulette is a hairdresser who becomes a friend to Elle and they support each other through difficult times. Paulette is played by Rita Simons and she steals every scene with her fantastic attitude, singing and likeability. Rita was made for this role and shines in it. I especially enjoyed the Irish element which made me smile. It’s hard not to like Bill Ward. I instantly recognised him from Doctors (my guilty secret) and in the show he plays Professor Callahan who is a bit ruthless and aggressive. However, Bill delivers this role with ease and is a joy to watch. Emmett is a friend to Elle when she first starts Harvard and she friends him in return. Emmett is played by David Barrett and he gives the role all it needs – compassion, intelligence, and delivers an excellent all-round ‘good-guy’ performance. The ensemble cast give a great performance and with their individual characters they really complete the show.

This show is a show about love, empowerment, finding your true calling and being positive and yourself no matter what life throws at you. A lot to learn but delivered in such a fun and uplifting way that you can’t help but join in. So, what are you waiting for? Come on you guys…Legally Blonde is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 2 June.

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