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Fantastic Voyage Exhibition

Maria Primolan is a sculpture artist from Turin, Italy and is currently exhibiting her work in an exciting new exhibition called Fantastic Voyage at Dot Athena, London.

This exhibition features her work on David Bowie and his face starring at you via various materials including wood and white terracotta to encompass not only his visual appearance but also his inner essence. David Bowie fans can interpret them and feel them in many different ways and that is the beauty of art and of Maria’s work. Maria started this work in 2016 with the wonderful piece The Angels Gift, made of lime wood and sculptured with such meaning. The blackstar in his hand, the Aladdin Sane flash cutting his head in two and the split in his torso and the huge angel wings of love. This could mean many things to the art interpreter but to me it symbolises the soul – and soul love never dies. Bowie has had many incarcerations over the years and Maria has captured early Bowie with his long curls, Ziggy Bowie with his more determined harder stare, and also his thin white duke looks with his floppy fringe.

There is no doubt that Maria is a hugely talented artist and has captured Bowie perfectly. I loved these sculptures and how she has given life to him. I much prefer Maria’s work to the ‘life mask’ that is the real Bowie face, but to me it looks more like a death mask with his eyes closed. Maria’s work is sensational and brings Bowie back to life in such a emotive way. Thank you Maria, for such a wonderful exhibition.

Charlie from David Live gave a great performance to open the exhibition.

Her exhibition is at the Biscuit Factory, Building F, First Floor, Dot Athena, 100 Clements Road SE16 4DG Bermondsey London until 23rd June 2019.

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