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Money For Nothing - Dire Straits Tribute

Money For Nothing is a world class tribute to Dire Straits. Formed 19 years ago they have perfected their performance and it truly is like listening to Dire Straits. I can offer no higher praise than this and it’s the highest accolade a tribute can desire. Money For Nothing is the name of the tribute band, but trust me, its money well spent as you get a lot for your money and offers a fantastic night out. They are accomplished musicians who give a performance of quality and authenticity.

The band are 7 piece including drummer, Derek Bisset, bass, Paul Guy , two keyboards, sax, guitar and Aled Williams the singer who also plays guitar. The drummer was very funny and joked about the merch being about the hairbands…and yes in the break members of the audience returned sporting the famous hairbands. The atmosphere was amazing and a real feel good factor. Everyone was raving about Money For Nothing. There is a line-up of guitars behind the singer and all get an outing. I was stunned at not only how good the sound is, you close your eyes and its Dire Straits. The sax and guitar playing were out of this world. Simply sublime. And to top it off, the lead singer, Aled Williams sounds a lot like Mark Knopfler.

The songs included Money for Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, Sultans of Swing, Private Investigations, Walk of Life, Brothers in Arms, Tunnel Of Love, So Far Away and other much-loved classics. Romeo and Juliet is my personal favourite and I was singing along to every word, it even offered an extended guitar solo.

Dire Straits are one of the most successful rock bands of all time and Money For Nothing are the premiere Dire Straits tribute. They are faithful to the sounds and recreate it perfectly. Seeing Money For Nothing is the nearest you can get to Dire Straits. The guitar playing is awesome. It will be an incredible evening and a musical encounter you will remember for a long time to come.

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