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Hormonal Housewives

I was not really sure what to expect from this show. It was bound to attract a predominately female audience (the men must have been in single figures) and the women were mainly of the same peer group. I have not yet reached the dizzy heights of the menopause but many of my friends have and they tell me how it is in very clear terms. So tonight, what was I expecting? Straight talking women being honest about how it is.

What did I get? Well there is no doubt that the three women on stage are very talented and although from tonight’s performance I would say dancing isn’t their forte, the acting was excellent. The show consists of a bit of chat (think loose women on a sofa), some sketches and a bit of dress up and singing…I say singing but the cast are miming and the audience are singing. Cher, Madonna, Pink – take your pick. Vicki Michelle, Josephine Partridge and Julie Coombe keep our attention for the whole evening, and the topics are varied.

Clothes – I am on board with this topic as they suggest that there is always a size a woman will not want to go above… and let’s be honest girls – its true. Julie talks about her struggle to find a 16 that is a 16 and not a small 16.

Age – there was a sketch of the three playing teenagers – it’s all about selfies but to be honest I don’t think the audience really knew what they were talking about. I’m sure its peng – whatever that means! Who wants to be a teenager again? Not me. There was also a sketch of the three playing old women. I didn’t feel either of these sketches moved the story along – if there was a story- but they were enjoyable nonetheless.

Prosecco and chocolate – now you are talking my language. All women of all ages need this in their lives.

Some of the humour was… well let’s say it would make an Ann Summers rep blush. It was a little too crude and base for me. But I can appreciate that it takes all types of humour. And I really didn’t enjoy the personal waxing moment which seemed to go on forever. However, the throw away one liners were good:

- How many men does it take to change a toilet roll? We don’t know – it’s never happened!

- If God were a woman – semen would taste like chocolate

These are a couple of the cleaner jokes – I cannot publish any of the ruder ones.

It’s a good night out and go with your girlfriends and not with your man – not unless you really hate him and want him to squirm.

For those who used to love those Ann Summers parties…you will love this. For me – maybe I will enjoy it more once I reach the menopause – but right now…it’s not for me.

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