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My Bowie Top Twenty

Okay so you all know I love David Bowie…what you didn’t know?!! But what you might not know is what my favourite tracks are. Its almost an impossible task to write down a top five or even a top ten so I went with twenty to allow me to share with you some of my favourites. The list is never definitive and changes daily depending on my mood but at time of writing this is it. I’d love to hear from you to know your top twenty. What are your favourite tracks and why?

Here they are in no particular order…

1. Win. Probably the sexiest song he every made. This and right are both tracks that are, in my opinion, the type you put on the record player when you want to make a move on someone.

2. When I Live My Dream. Whimsical. Dreamy. A beautiful story with a twist and so heartfelt. I have always loved this song and was delighted a few years ago when it was used for a TV commercial to get a wider audience to hear how wonderful it is.

3. Cat People. Not the album version from Let’s Dance but Giorgio Moroder’s killer remix that was used for Quentin Tarantino’s movie, Inglorious Bastards. I love the way the song builds and how deep his voice is. If only he sung about Brown eyes!!

4. Absolute Beginners. Absolute Beginners is my all-time favourite film. It deserves a write up on its own so I won’t go on here about reasons why. However, this song stands out on its own. It’s beginning notes send a shiver down my spine.

5. Five Years. An apocalyptic story in a song. Sheer brilliance. I love that it talks of Market Square (In Aylesbury as this was written around the time he played Friars there). An example of his genius lyric writing.

6. All The Madmen. Another example of brilliant lyrics and a clever way to describe mental health. I often think all the madmen refers to us Bowie fans.

7. Sweet Thing/ Candidate. For me this is one song as they fit so well together. Since his passing this is one of those that really gets to me. I can’t explain why. When I get to heaven, I am hoping there is a bar at the end when Bowie will meet me and my friends.

8. Fashion. Its my favourite track from Scary Monsters and I love dancing to it. Although I won’t do the silly dance they do in the video.

9. Blackstar. When I first heard this, I was blown away. It sounds like two songs rather than one. It was pure Bowie. Completely confusing with lots of hidden meanings. The video was outstanding and I sat for hours wondering who the people with tails were, the significance of the Blackstar book and was that really Major Tom in the crashed space craft?

10. Blue Jean. I love Screaming Lord Byron and the full-length video of this song. I love the humour, I love the use of David’s acting skills, I love the make-up and this is also my favourite outfit and the one I got most excited about when I went to the Bowie Is exhibitions. I love how the crowd copy his moves…I think there is something clever subtly being said here. Just brilliant.

11. When I Met You. A newer offering that I fell in love with from the Lazarus play. When he passed and I found it too hard to listen to him, the Lazarus soundtrack was a way to hear his music without too my pain in my heart.

12. Somebody Up There Likes Me. Another excellent soul track. I love the harmonies on this and since his passing, I often think this is Bowie looking down on me. He likes me. He loves me. He supports me. He is still my rock. This song gives me comfort.

13. Kooks. My favourite album is Hunky Dory and I adore this song written about his son. Its such a happy place and so full of love.

14. Fill Your Heart. Although not technically Bowie’s song, I love the optimism in it and the way Bowie sings it really does fill my heart with love.

15. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud. What a fantastically written story. Bowie at his best. I love how it feels sad and yet hopeful at the same time. No easy feat.

16. Station To Station. I love the inspiration taken from Kraftwerk. The sound of the train at the beginning of the track. The story of the Thin White Duke. The way the song builds up, like a train gaining speed. But its not about speed. Its not a side effect of the cocaine either. It’s a stunning track and one of my top five…yes, I did just put it in my top five!

17. Soul Love. A beautiful song that is often forgotten or underrated. I adore it and how warm it makes me feel inside.

18. Time. Both Time and Cracked Actor are outstanding tracks and it was hard to pick one over the other. I chose time today but ask me tomorrow and I could change my mind. It’s a very close call. Time is waiting in the wings…it always sends a shiver down my spine. What a lyric and so true. Its later than we think.

19. My Death. Again, not a Bowie track but for me one belongs to him from his delivery. I never knew this track by anyone other than Bowie anyway and on the live album when he sings it, at the end when everyone shouts out ‘Me’… and he just says thank you…oh my goodness how that touches my heart. I think when I get to heaven, in front of those gates will be Bowie welcoming me in…that is what I think of when I hear this song.

20. Love You ‘til Tuesday. I love his 60’s stuff and this song demonstrates humour as well as being a good example of the cheerful optimistic teenager he was.

Those that didn’t quite make it (is this cheating?) would include: I Dig Everything; Lazarus, Did You Ever Have A Dream, Cracked Actor, Can’t Help Thinking About Me, Rock N Roll Suicide, Breaking Glass and Look Back In Anger.

So that’s mine for today. Do you agree? Do you notice the omission of Tin Machine and Outside tracks? Do you think I have picked well? Get in touch and tell me your favourites.

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