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Brights lights and Glass by James Leon

Last minute trip

Clandestine visit

to a seaside town

About to shut down

Buzzing with life

For one last hurrah

Young fun

Drinking and laughing

Like their life is just starting

In and outside the bars

Train back to the city

Quiet and empty

With lonely travellers

People like me

Staring out the window

Heading for planes

To get away

Or rushing back to town

Before the world

Starts to shut down

We’re on the edge

Staring a precipice

We’re facing danger

Looking at the start of this

Disconnected strangers

Waiting for the fog to lift

Trying to find some safety

Waiting for a cure

Hoping for this

all to shift

Bright lights and glass

Speeding so fast

Empty station

So ghostly and sad

A blank slate

left alone to wait

Closed shops

And locked cafes

Everything on pause

Waiting to re-awake

A shift of gear

Change is in the air

Is it safe to care?

Feels like the end of the world

Or the beginning of a new one?

As we count the cost

Of the life we’ve lost

While hoping that

Something good is won

We’re still here, not done

By Singer, Songwriter and Actor, James Leon. Find out more about him here


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