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Cluedo - Milton Keynes Theatre

Was it Miss Scarlet, with the revolver in the dining room, or was it Professor Plum, with the lead pipe in the library? The comedy thriller, Cluedo is in Milton Keynes this week. Can you work out whodunnit?

When Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Mrs. White and Colonel Mustard arrive at a country house one dark and stormy evening, they are surprised to find they have all received the same intriguing invitation from Lord Boddy. It soon becomes clear that they all have something to hide as the mystery and hysteria grows and the inhabitants and guests of Boddy Manor are killed off one by one, with a variety of familiar weapons, leaving everyone to wonder, who will be next!

This new play, directed by Mark Bell (The Play That Goes Wrong) clearly has all the hallmarks of his brand of comedy. It is fast paced, slapstick in places and the actors are very physical. There are some lovely touches. I enjoyed it when someone asked who build the house and the answer was Waddington’s. I loved the use of the stage and how with very few props, they portrayed a huge mansion of a house including the conservatory and a billiard room! It has several doors so expect door slamming and a lot of screaming (after all it is a murder mystery).

The cast are excellent. Jean-Luke Worrell as Wadsworth, the butler, was absolutely outstanding. He is funny, very physical with his comedy and don’t worry if you didn’t catch all the first half, he will recap at the beginning of the second half – and that in itself is worthy of a standing ovation. Tonight, saw Harry Bradley as Professor Plum, who was excellent and reminded me of David Mitchell. Michelle Collins is Miss Scarlett and is stunning on the stage – I never knew that Miss Scarlett run an escort agency. Her name makes sense now.

Laura Kirman is Yvette, who isn’t really French has some great lines. With Wesley Griffith as Colonel Mustard, Etisyai Philip as Mrs White, Judith Amesenga as Mrs Peacock and Tom Babbage as Reverend Green. The cast all work together to help us work out who is the murderer. There are clues along the way. Why does Miss Peacock know the cook? How does Miss White know Yvette? We get hints of what their real jobs are but you don’t get time to deliberate on it as they search the house for the murderer. Is there someone else in the house or is it one of them?

Based on the classic detective board game loved by generation, Cluedo is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 4 June 2022. Can you work out whodunnit?


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