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Disney's Aladdin - Milton Keynes Theatre

Disney’s Aladdin has turned Milton Keynes Theatre into a cave of wonders.  This show is a dazzling extravaganza and I am in awe of what I have experienced. Trust me on this – this show is phenomenal.

Aladdin is a poor humble ‘street rat’ with a heart of gold. And he falls in love with the princess.  An almost impossible situation but luck is on his side.  Princess Jasmine does not want to marry to be controlled.  She is sassy and smart, knows her own mind and is looking for an equal.  Meanwhile, Jafar would like to be the Sultan and he knows that the only way to do this is to be all powerful.  He has heard that there is a magic lamp in a cave but only a ‘diamond in the rough’ can enter.  It turns out Aladdin is just the man for the job so Jafar talks Aladdin into entering the cave.  Well, you do anything for love.  Of course, things don’t go as planned and that’s how Aladdin meets the Genie.

Gavin Adams plays Aladdin and I cannot imagine anyone more perfect for the role.  He is kind, sweet, sings beautifully and is a little bit cheeky too.  Gavin absolutely nails the role.  The Genie is Yeukayi Ushe who is stepping into some mighty big shoes for those who have played the role before him, but he strides around the stage owning it and he is absolutely incredible on stage.  Friend Like Me in the cave of wonders is such an extravaganza, the whole audience are in the palm of his hand.  I loved how he sung a few lines of half a dozen other Disney songs in it.  I loved loved loved the tap number, and I amazed at how he could speak so fast and still have such clear diction.  Yeukayi is a phenomenon!  Desmonda Cathabel plays Princess Jasmine with all the sass needed for the role.  Desmonda’s beauty and lovely voice add to the character and she acts with a confidence in the role that makes her the princess we all aspire to be.  

Jafar is played by Adam Strong and being the baddie is not an easy role.  Adam gets the balance right between being a baddie we love to hate without turning into a pantomime baddie.  All the best baddies have English accents and Adam really stands out with his powerful voice.  His sidekick Jago (Angelo Paragoso) provides the lighter humour.

There are all the numbers you expect including Arabian Nights, One Jump Ahead, Friend Like Me and A Whole New World but some newer songs such as Somebody’s Got Your Back, Proud Of Your Boy and High Adventure.  The whole ensemble are stunning and the dance numbers are remarkable.  It feels so encompassing and immersive – the time flies by as you watch in wonder.  High Adventure with Kassim (Nay-Nay), Omar (Adam Taylor) and Babkak (Nelson Bettencourt) is a fantastic number and my new favourite.

I grew up on Disney and raised my own children on Disney. Aladdin was a big part of this.  We even played the mega drive game so the songs from the original cartoon film have been in my head for decades.  To see something that special to you, come to life on stage is just beyond.  I was excited and felt like a kid again to see a truly astounding show.  The sets are incredible, the costumes are as sparkly and bright and the whole show is simply astonishing.  

Disney’s Aladdin is incredible and is west end quality.  So come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly to another Arabian night at Milton Keynes Theatre.

Disney’s Aladdin is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 19 May 2024.


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