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Hairspray - Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

Hairspray comes to Waterside in Aylesbury this week and will have you dancing to the beat. Because we all know, you can’t stop the beat!

I was delighted to be back at in Aylesbury as Waterside is where I saw my last show I saw before the lockdown in 2020. It is so wonderful to see theatre thriving again, with audiences wanting to be entertained.

Hairspray is one of my favourite shows. You cannot help but love Tracy Turnblad’s enthusiasm and positive attitude. The story is set in Baltimore during the early 60’s. Her mum doesn’t really understand her obsession with music and especially the Corny Collins Show that Tracy and her best friend, Penny, watch religiously. When they hear that the show is looking for a new dancer, Tracy decides to apply, she has never let her size stop her before so why should it now.

Tracy is played by Katie Brace and this is her professional debut. However, you would never know this as Katie is a star. She owns the stage and is one of the best Tracy’s I have ever seen (and I have seen Hairspray a lot!). An absolutely faultless performance with a powerhouse of a voice.

Her mother Edna, is traditionally played by a man and Alex Bourne makes a beautiful Edna. He hones his inner motherly instincts and looks fabulous in his dresses. Edna’s husband, Wilbur is played by Norman Pace and together they give Morecombe and Wise a run for their money as they are very funny on stage. Their number ‘You’re timeless to me’ was a perfect example of being romantic yet funny and made this a stand out number to remember.

Motormouth Maybelle is played by the legendary Brenda Edwards. I have seen her in this role before and knew it would be exceptional. This woman has soul coming out of every pore and her version of ‘I know where I’ve been’ was fantastic. Simply a faultless performance and extremely moving.

This show has a talented cast and the show is definitely a feel-good show. The songs are executed well and have an energy and vibe that will mean you leave the theatre singing and dancing on your way home.

So, backcomb your hair, put on your dancing shoes and get along to Hairspray at Waterside theatre. Tickets available here.


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