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Harris and Baker's backstage pass - Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

Bob Harris & Danny Baker, two of the nation’s best broadcasters, have unparalleled experience of witnessing the great names of modern music up close. They have been back stage, front stage, at home and on the road with virtually every legend in the business, so I was excited to hear the gossip about what goes on backstage in the world of rock n roll.

Danny comes on the stage and is bursting with enthusiasm. He tells his stories at 100 miles an hour and you definitely feel there are so many more – we need more than two hours; I would listen to his stories for days. He is funny, charming and has a wonderful charisma. I loved his story about working in the record shop and Marc Bolan comes in. Danny was a huge Bolan fan and eventually says he likes Marc’s shirt. Marc takes it off and gives it to him. How cool is that? I loved the Jagger story too…and the John Lennon one when he was in New York. Oh, there are so many gems for Danny to tell. He thinks he has met Madonna and Kayne West but isn’t sure. It’s another gem.

Bob has been a legend in the world of music. There isn’t anyone he doesn’t know or hasn’t met. He even sung on David Bowie albums, or so Danny hints. We never get to hear that story as there are so many others to tell. I love Bob’s voice – he is not whispering Bob for nothing. He could do meditation tapes and we would all buy them. He has an integrity and honestly that feels we could ask him anything and he would tell it. Bob is the reason I found country music. I credit Bob completely from listening to his radio show. When Long Black Train is played in the interval, I smile to myself. I only know this song because of Bob. Bob tells us what his favourite gig was. I was surprised at his answer but won’t reveal it here so you can go and ask him yourself.

It is clear that Bob and Danny have a great friendship and chat comfortably about their own experiences. They name drop everyone in the music business including Duane Eddy, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, The Beach Boys, Marc Bolan and Elton John to name just a few. In the second half you can ask them any questions about anything. I get the feeling that the stories differ every night so what an absolute joy to feel so privileged to hear such extraordinary stories from two people who have worked in the industry for decades and between them have met everyone who is anyone.

If you want to hear what they have to say, Harris and Baker’s backstage pass is still touring the UK and tickets are available here


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