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Heaven 17 give back to their fans

Last Friday, I was supposed to be at a phenomenal gig. It was the first two Human League albums in full, Reproduction and Travelogue. Played by the legendary Heaven 17. For those of you who don’t already know, Martyn Ware is one of the original founders of The Human League.

However, this virus has changed everything. Even before the government has ordered all venues to close, Heaven 17 decided not to go ahead last week but to reschedule for later in the year. A move that was welcomed by its fans. And although there was disappointment everyone understood the reasons for the decision.

But Glenn and Martyn are two of the best in the business. They never forget their fans. And so instead last weekend they released a track that I can only describe as a work of art and in my opinion, is on a par with David Bowie’s Blackstar. The track feels like a song of two halves. The first is melodic and wistful with a melancholy undertone. Along with the video it feels like we are just floating around in space. The lyrics are thought provoking and Glenn sings with emotion in his voice. And then the second half drops and it feels like we can dance in the empty streets (although I am not suggesting we do this – your front room will do nicely during social distancing). The lyrics could have many meanings, so you can interpret them how you wish. Personally, my thoughts are that it could be about global warming and what we are doing to the planet. Or it could be about the Corona Virus and how much our lives have changed. When Glenn sings about remembering every moment, it brings tears to my eyes. I remember every Heaven 17 gig. I remember all the friends I have made from my Heaven 17 family. I hope and pray those times will come again.

I can honestly say it’s an exceptional piece and one I am sure that fans were hugely grateful to receive.

The Travelogue and Reproduction gigs are now rescheduled for September. I hope to see you there.


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