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La Voix - Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury.

The eighth wonder of the world visited waterside theatre in Aylesbury last night. You may wonder what the eighth wonder of the world is – well let me tell you. It is the goddess; the diva; the queen of queens – LA VOIX. Full disclosure - I love La Voix. She is the ultimate performer. Imagine if Jane Macdonald was dipped in crystals and could sing in several different voices. You have the legend that is La Voix.

I am a La Voix veteran so I know the importance of dressing up for her shows. I don’t want to look like I went to Dorothy Perkins, so I make a big effort, wearing a stunning black and gold number with gold boots to match. Some audience members did not make such an effort and when the glamour queen comes on stage and tells Aylesbury how much she loves the people of Aylesbury and the culture…the conversation ends up talking about fleeces and in particular, fleeces with wolves. I could not believe one audience member admitted to owning one. La Voix speaks to her audience and it feels a bit like the Queen speaking to you. Audience members are in awe and one front row member averts her eyes. La Voix is on it – ‘Just because you avert your eyes does not mean I can’t see you’. She asks a few audience members names. One man says his name is Nick. As quick as a flash, La Voix responds with ‘Nick – with the great big…personality’.

Its not just her quick wit that makes La Voix a legend, its also her vocal talents. She can sing Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minelli and Cher and she really does sound like them. I want to say ‘The strawberry tastes like strawberry – La Voix sounds like Cher when she does Cher. The blueberry tastes like blueberry – La Voix sounds like Liza when she does Liza!’ She is truly amazing and truly talented. I wish I had a sprinkling of her talent. Talking of all the legends above, La Voix sings Adele songs in the style of all four singing legends and knocks it out of the park. I also love how funny she is. One of my favourite lines felt so genuine when she said it. Moving the microphone stand she asks the audience ‘can you see me behind this?’. So dead pan. So funny.

Other artists she lovingly covers include Madonna, Tina Turner and if you have been to a La Voix show before you will know we always all do Total Eclipse Of The Heart together. It’s a La Voix trademark. But a warning to everyone who thinks that is the end of the show – don’t go yet – she is going to give us an Abba medley which was extra special tonight with her backing dancers.

If you are looking for a night of entertainment, laughs and to see a real talent that is a legend (but you just haven’t realised yet) – well come on – she is still touring with her eighth wonder show…and if you miss that – she is also in the pantomime at Waterside theatre, Aylesbury this year.


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