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Long Live The King

This is my first coronation. It’s the first for everyone under 70. Our wonderful Queen was all I ever knew and now we are moving forward to a new age. The dawn of King Charles III. I have been in close proximity to Charles back in 1982. He came to Milton Keynes to open the Civic offices. I was doing my work experience in Nat West bank and it was just fluke that those two moments in time collided. We were allowed to leave the bank to see him open the Civic offices and as there weren’t that many people there, I felt quite honoured to be that close to royalty.

I have since been in conversation with Princess Royal and have already told my stories of our Queen. But today is all about Charles. He came to Milton Keynes only a few months ago to officially grant our city status which was given in the platinum jubilee celebrations by his mother.

I love the royal family. I feel proud that in the United Kingdom we have a royal family and that we still have all this pageantry, which I worry will be lost on the younger generations. Some of the items used in today’s celebrations are from the twelve century. That is proper history.

I genuinely do not understand those who want a republic. Firstly, why? We have a Prime Minister that is elected and none of them do a great job, why on earth do you think that having a President would be any better? The royals do not really interfere in the running of our country and we are a democratic society so we already choose who runs the country.

I see the royals like the celebrities who deliver a level of fandom that is unlevelled in sport or films. They have dedicated their lives to our country. To our church. To serve us. I can honestly say I could not do that. I would want more freedom. Freedom to share my opinion. Freedom to go where I want when I want. I admire and respect the royal family for this service.

Others of you may not be happy that Camilla will become Queen today after the history with Diana. It’s a tragic love story. Charles and Camilla loved each other for decades but the crown would not allow it as a suitable match. Despite all the difficulties, they made it through together and they are a great support to each other. She does deserve to be recognised by his side as his Queen.

I am also pleased that Harry is going to attend. I know and understand what it is like to come from a dysfunctional family so I feel for him. He did want to break free from the rules the royal have to live by. He has a beautiful wife and seems much happier in his new life with his own family.

So I will be watching the coronation. I will be celebrating our new King and Queen. We are witnessing history in the making.

Long live the King.


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