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Not Viable by Andy Powell

Andy is the Bard of Stony Stratford and summed up how people in the arts are feeling with this latest offering. Thanks Andy.

Not Viable

I need to retrain

I’m going insane

I’m racking my brain

Again, again

I am not viable

I am no use at all

There is no curtain call

A pain, a pain

I practiced everyday

To bring you joy they say

Now they just look away

Insane, insane

It is your mind we feed

It is your heart we seed

With music we all need

Ingrained, ingrained

No money in the bank

I’m made to walk the plank

What politician should we thank?

Abstain, abstain

Now that the art has gone

There’s only repeats on

Where did we all go wrong?

Complain, complain

But remember

We write the history

You wont look good you see

This governments obituary

Retrain, retrain

Now there is no applause

You think we have to pause.....


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