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Paul Chuckle and Arron James

This is an edited version of the interview I had with Arron and Paul as we just didn’t stop laughing the whole time as these two turn everything into innuendo. Please enjoy the ‘To Me To You’ video at the bottom of the interview.

Jasmine: Look at us eating ice cream on the hottest day of the year and talking panto!

Jasmine: What do you love about panto?

Paul: An audience!

Jasmine: laughs

Arron: It does help. Definitely.

Paul: Rehearsals are very difficult with no audience

Jasmine: I am happy to come along to all rehearsals and laugh where I need to laugh.

Arron: Rehearsals? Do we have to rehearse?

Paul: Haven’t they told you.

Jasmine: What is your favourite panto?

Paul: (deadpan) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Jasmine laughs

Paul: At Milton Keynes Theatre.

Arron: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Milton Keynes Theatre. That’s funny isn’t it? What a coincidence.

Paul: It is a coincidence.

Jasmine: (gives her cards to Paul and Arron} That’s me. (To Paul) did I give you one?

Arron to Paul: Did she give you one?

All laugh.

Jasmine: That’s not going in the interview.

Jasmine: What would be your dream role or show to be in? If you could be in anything?

Arron and Paul together: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

All laugh

Paul: I’d like to play odd job without you.

Jasmine: Paul, I see you have signed up for celebrity MasterChef*.

Paul: yes, correct yes

Jasmine: Do you consider yourself a good cook? And what delicious recipes are you planning?

Paul: A good what?

Jasmine: And what delicious recipes are you planning?

Paul: Oh. I thought you said something else!

All laugh

Paul: Recipe’s I’m planning? I make a brilliant soup.

Jasmine: Vegetables in a pot and just boil?

Paul: Its not as simple as that. How dare you?

Jasmine giggles

Paul: You’ve got to be a chef to go on MasterChef, you know? Yes, I make a good soup. And soups I’m very good at.

Jasmine: What if they ask you for three courses?

Paul: Hmmm, then I’ll do a mushroom soup, tomato soup and chicken soup.

Arron: I do the warm up for MasterChef. I am the warm up man.

Jasmine: Are you? Do you get to eat the food?

Arron: I get there half an hour before they start filming and turn the ovens on.

Jasmine heartily laughs

Jasmine: I am never going to get a serious word out of you two. Am I?

Arron: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Jasmine laughs

Jasmine: You’ll hear me laughing in the audience. I have a really loud laugh.

Paul: We hope so.

Arron: Will you be able to run around a bit?

Jasmine: You’ll need to get me seated near the front so they can know…

Paul: Perfect positioning.

Jasmine: If you were asked to go on a reality show, other than MasterChef, what show would you pick and why?

Paul: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Arron: Yes.

Jasmine: You need to give me something to put in the interview!

Arron: What was the question?

Jasmine repeats question

Paul: (to Arron) Would you go in the Jungle?

Arron: Love Island. Because I’m a ladies’ man.

Paul: You couldn’t pass the audition.

Arron: I’m a ladies’ man. Pimp the judge called me.

Jasmine: Would either of you do Strictly?

Paul: no. Barry and I were put down for it years ago when it first started. And they said we don’t have children’s entertainers. That really upset us. So never again.

Arron: I say they’ve had lots

Paul: Yeah, they have since. We were never children’s entertainers. Chucklevision was a children’s TV show but we’ve never been with balloons etc. all that stuff.

Jasmine: I read that you were number one best ever children’s tv show ever.

Paul: Best children TV show ever – yes!

Jasmine: That’s a real accolade, isn’t it?

Paul: That’s a nice pat on the back, yes.

Arron: Who needs reality shows when you got your own top show.

Paul: We won the first ever coach trip as well. Celebrity coach trip. Barry and I won that.

Jasmine: I remember coach trip.

Paul: I wouldn’t go in the jungle. The Mrs keeps saying ‘you will go in. You will go in.’

Jasmine laughs

Jasmine: Charlotte (Snow White) wants to go in the jungle.

Paul: Does she?

Jasmine: She said she thinks it would make her braver

Paul: Hahaha really?

Jasmine: Yeah that’s my thoughts. My reaction is your reaction!

Paul: Rats running across you in the middle of the night.

Jasmine: And the things you have to eat!

Paul: Oh yeah. Exactly! I think straight away id be saying ‘Sorry I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here!’. They’d be saying ‘He’s a wimp, isn’t he?’

Jasmine: The older I get, I don’t even want to do camping anymore, never mind going into a jungle.

Arron: Wow! Caravans are great because it makes you realise what a nice home you’ve got when you get back.

Jasmine laughs

Jasmine: That’s absolutely true.

Jasmine: Arron, you’re known for your impressions. What’s your favourite impression, and what’s your most popular impression?

Arron: If you had asked me a year ago, Boris was my most popular. Ha ha.

Jasmine: Might still be. Depends on what you’re going to say

Arron: No. I like to do Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s a good one. (Arron does impression of Arnie). Doesn’t come across well on a written interview, does it? I do farmyard animals. I do the snails.

Jasmine: And what about your personal favourite? Which one do you enjoy doing?

Arron: I enjoy doing the movie stars.

Paul: You said you like doing Grumpy

Jasmine laughs

Arron: Has he been talking to you again?

All laugh

Jasmine: I haven’t interviewed the dwarfs yet.

Jasmine: and finally…

Paul: You’ve had enough

Jasmine: I’d really love to do ‘To me, to you’.

*Paul reached the quarter finals of Celebrity MasterChef. He did make soup for one of the courses.


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