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Bridget Jones's Baby (Film review)

I made an educated guess that the first time I encountered Bridget was 15 years ago. I Googled (cause nowadays my memory isn’t all that being 40-something and why try to remember when you have Google at your fingertips). And sure enough it was exactly 15 years ago. (just call me a genius!)

All women everywhere can recognise their inner Bridget. We have all worn a dreadful Christmas present to not hurt our relatives, we have all worried about our weight and we have all (most definitely) worried if we would ever find love.

The first and second films tell of the two loves of Bridget’s life. Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy. At the end of film two we think Bridget has found her happy ending. But there is no money in a happy ending so here is film three.

I am not giving any spoilers away to say that Daniel Cleaver does not feature in this film. This is a good thing as we want to move away from the same old story. Bridget still has two love interests. The original Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) but also Jack (Patrick Dempsey). Bridget finds herself in a music festival and literally falls for Jack (in the mud) while her friend Miranda (Sarah Solemani) flirts with Ed Sheeran (played by Ed Sheeran!). Bridget finds herself pregnant and is not sure who the father is and this is basically the premise of the story.

Now I am not for a minute suggesting that we have all found ourselves in this position but it is the way she is inept at saying something (stop talking Bridget!) that makes us love her. Renee Zellweger brings such a warmth to the role – who doesn’t love Bridget?

I am an intelligent woman with a very serious job but those close to me know me as quirky and weird. This is because secretly I am Bridget Jones. I do say silly words that come out of my mouth without thinking. (I once said frozy when I was thinking both icy and frozen and I am famous for saying trilology rather than trilogy…hmmm maybe I should write a dictionary?)

I understand Bridget, her heartfelt attempts to live the perfect life when life is far from perfect and especially often blurting out feelings without taking a measured approach.

Life isn’t perfect. Life is bloody difficult at times. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s stumble through life and appreciate what we have. Enjoy your friends, family and good times, lord knows that 2016 has taught us life is short – so celebrate your inner Bridget and go see this film. Its like putting on that comfortable pair of shoes - hello old friends.

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