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Flatley's Lord Of The Dance - Dangerous Games

This is a show full of energy and passion. It loosely tells a story of good versus evil. The Lord of the Dance verses the Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord wants to rule and ruin the beautiful world – starting with Ireland by the backdrop. He warns the little spirit of what will come but she is full of happiness spreading joy around the world. Of course, this tells you nothing really because everyone who has bought a ticket want to see the Irish dancing of which Lord of the Dance is famous for. You needn’t worry, there is amazing dancing in abundance.

I am no expert but I would say that Irish dancing consists of tap and ballet. It is probably one of the most difficult dances to master and the shockingly fast speed of the feet left me with my mouth open in awe.

There were beautiful costume changes for each number which kept the story going and the dance alive. There were some fantastic ‘dance-offs’ in the second half, first with two gangs (good versus evil again) and of course, finally with the Dark Lord fighting Lord of the Dance.

In between the dancing there was a singer but really this is not required at all. I understand that costume changes need time to change but perhaps some more dance solos could replace the singing as it interferes with the flow of the story, the energy and the final number felt like a Eurovision entry.

The backdrop and use of video is stunning and almost mesmerising. It really gives an added dimension to the show. We were also treated to two talented fiddlers. Beautiful girls who know their way around a violin. The music was decidedly Irish in theme and wonderful to hear.

Before the big finale, we are treated to Flatley himself, albeit on video. Three Flatleys actually dancing with himself and very enjoyable it was. Matt Smith played the Lord of the Dance during Tuesday night’s show but there are a few dancers for each role. I mention Matt especially as his personality and charisma carried the show. He was getting the audience fired up, cheering and clapping and on top of that he has feet that are so fast I was astounded. He is truly a talent and is a star that shines brightly. He alone is worth the ticket price. But you get so much more for your money. The Irish dancing when both the girls and guys get together is fantastic and there is a reason this style of show is now in its 20th year.

This is a show not to be missed, in fact you may want to see it twice as I spent most of it watching peoples’ feet!

Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance – Dangerous Games is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 8 April 2017.

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