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La Voix is the UK's funniest Redhead!

What can I say about La Voix that I haven’t already said in my previous reviews? She is stunning. She is gorgeous. She oozes glamour and she has a rare pair of lungs on her that can belt out a tune in any style you care to mention. It is no secret that I am a huge La Voix fan. This is the third year I have reviewed her one-woman show and each year it gets better and better. I am so lucky that I have also seen her in Panto for the last few years and again, that gets better and better. In fact, she quips that It was lovely to be in Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury with no children, no Andy Collins and no soap star who featured on a soap for five minutes and she has to bow to them. Waterside Theatre, is almost home to La Voix and the audience treat her like a queen. The cheering and clapping after each number go on much longer than normal shows and you can see the emotion on her face. Welcome home La Voix. You are our goddess.

She is as well known for her glamorous outfits as she is for her comebacks and stunning voice. Starting the show with a stunning black and white number in voile and sparkles to die for, she gives This Is Me from The Greatest Showman an amazing outing. Her humour is edgy without being so outrageous that people will be offended. It’s just the right about of snobby verses bitchy to make it work. But her best talent is her interaction with the audience. Ad lib is difficult at the best of times and she never knows what the audience may say, however she doesn’t bat an eyelid and gives the perfect comebacks. Tonight, we heard about what colour Pat’s bedroom was. An innocent audience member who gave La Voix such great material when she declared her bedroom was mostly grey. Grey – at a La Voix show? I don’t think La Voix would know a drab colour – all her stunning outfits are always bright. There is a yellow feather number. There is a stunning gold sparkly number for the Tina Turner number and the star of the night is the pink finale number. Designed by the legendary David Emanuel, who designed Princess Diana’s dress and was in the audience tonight. Its no wonder I feel drab next to her even when wearing my best outfits. This is not lost on her and she jokes to the audience (so not just me – phew!) that it must feel like Christmas in the charity shops here in Aylesbury. She picks on someone in a hoodie and another in a striped top saying she wouldn’t see her on a deckchair. To someone who has made an effort, she says they look like they covered themselves in prit stick and rolled themselves in Claire’s accessories. I just love this. I wish I could be as quick witted as her. I admire her greatly and her show is very current. She mentioned her limited edition mug that you can buy from Merch Steve (yes that is his official name). Its limited edition as it was made in China. (A reference to the Corona Virus).

One of the highlights of the night is La Voix singing Memory from Cats. Yes, that dreadful new CGI film, but of course, being La Voix, she not only dresses up as a cat, including paws, and yes, still looks glamourous – but she does it with a Judy Garland voice. She is an exceptional talent.

So, reasons to go to see La Voix

  1. She is the most glamourous person you will ever meet.

  2. She will meet you after the show and do a selfie but be warned you will always feel less glam than her.

  3. She can sing in any voice you wish. Cher. Tina Turner. Judy Garland. Whitney Houston. There is no lip-syncing in this show.

  4. Her sense of humour and quick wit is off the scale.

  5. You will have a great time and be talking about it for months afterwards.

  6. You will look at your wardrobe and throw out all your grey!

As Tina Turner put it – La Voix is simply the best.

NB: I did treat myself to one of those limited edition mugs, lovingly wrapped up for me by Merch Steve in a I love Blackpool bag!

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