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And just like that…

I have always been a fan of Sex And The City (SATC). Although I am probably more a Charlotte than a Samantha, Miranda or Carrie, it's Carrie that has influenced me in my decision to blog. I write a lot about my own experiences and life. I don’t write about my sex life, but that’s probably because I am English and consider that private.

I have the box set of SATC in a shoe box that hubby bought me before we were married. I remember opening it and he had also hidden a Monsoon voucher in it and a rare Abba CD. It was wonderful to know I had met someone who listens to me and was getting to know me. I don’t even want to think how many years it is since SATC first came out but then most women my age also don’t want to put a number on it. Suffice to say, I’m a few years younger than these ladies but I consider myself in their peer group.

I used to watch the series with my ex-best friend (The ex part is a whole other blog that is yet to be written), because let’s be honest, it’s not exactly something to watch with your partner. I have both films too; I loved the first one. Finally Big and Carrie get married. It was a perfect end to the series. What did I love about SATC? I loved the fashions. I cannot tell you the number of times I found myself saying ‘What is she wearing?’. I loved the idea of dressing up for lunch with friends. Wearing beautiful clothes, having good times with good friends and living your best life. In my 30’s I got divorced and had two years of a SATC life until I met my current husband. Those two years were full of stories that if it was in a show, you would say isn’t believable. Life is indeed stranger than fiction.

Fast forward to several years later, and here we are for ‘And Just Like That’. This is a follow up on where our lovely ladies are now. I am so excited about the idea of a show that stars people my age. People with jobs, grown children, and still living their best lives. It’s a blue print to live by. Its not a surprise or spoiler to say that Samantha isn’t in it. Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are not friends in real life and so rather sadly for the show, there is no Samantha. I would really have liked to see where her story led her. Instead, we have a few lines to say she was in London with a new job.

So, I have now watched the first two episodes, please do not read any further if you haven’t watched and intend to as the following contains spoilers.

I liked the discussion about Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) going grey. I personally choose to colour my hair and cannot imagine a time when I won’t. I have been doing it on and off since I was 14 so it’s a part of who I am. I have been blonde, red, green, blue, black, ginger, you name it. But Grey, no…I told you I am more of a Charlotte but good on Miranda for doing it – she looks amazing. Charlotte has barely aged either. I hope there is a future episode talking about how they stay young – we all want to know and are hoping it’s not Botox, fillers or plastic surgery but something like a miracle cream.

It is lovely to see Carrie and Big (played by Chris Noth) in their home, with their big walk-in wardrobes (I am genuinely envious), and how they spend their time. I really enjoyed the first episode up to the very last line. Hold on, what did they say? Did I hear that right? I was shocked. I was distraught and found myself sobbing. I could not believe the line was ‘And just like that…Big died’. … I was not ready for that. I think we have all had the most difficult 20 months with the pandemic and many people catching Covid and some of our loved ones not making it. Surely, we don’t need to mourn the deaths of some of our favourite characters on TV too? I watched episode two to help me the way funerals help us come to terms with saying goodbye.

I know for sure after episode two I am Charlotte (Kristin Davis). Carrie didn’t really cry, but Charlotte sobbed as if it was her loss. I am exactly like that. I cry so badly at funerals; I am not good at holding it all in. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. People our age should not be losing our partners. I still have my parents and my grandad who is currently 99 years old. I have not experienced much loss. My great gran died at 92 and my gran at 90. I honestly do not expect to lose my husband anytime soon. However, I went to bed that night and hugged him telling him I love him and ‘don’t die yet’.

It got me thinking how bad we all are at talking about death. How many of us think about advance care planning (ACP)? More than half the people in the UK don’t even have a will in place, never mind a Lasting Power of Attorney. If we want to live our best lives to our very last day, we need to plan for the worst and hope for the best. I have spent the last few years talking about ACP to anyone who will listen (as well as it being a huge part of my day job). So, if you watch this show, don’t let the Peloton be the concern. Make sure people know your wishes not just for your funeral, but also in case you do have a heart attack or stroke and don’t die it.

Now go out there and live your best life. My blog is not called It’s a wonderful life for nothing you know!


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