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Joseph Dream Concert

I love Joseph. It’s such a feel-good musical. Its funny and its warm-hearted and I have always said it’s a great introduction to theatre to young children after they have seen their first panto.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen it over the years and with such wonderful cast members but it must surely be one of my most seen musicals (other than Rocky Horror). I took my children when they were young and still go at every opportunity to see this amazing show. The last time I saw this show was in January this year. I took my youngest son (now an adult in his twenties.) We listened to the soundtrack on the journey to the theatre and again on the way home. When we had heard it twice, I asked him what was he going to put on next. He chose Jesus Christ Superstar. I must have brought my kids up right when they love theatre as much as I do.

When I heard that some of the cast, both past and present, were going to do a short recording of the big numbers in the show, well count me in. An amazing range of talent sung the songs together and they covered all the ones you would expect, Close Every Door, Go Go Go Joseph, Any Dream Will Do and even a bit of Benjamin’s Calypso. It was all done to raise funds and awareness for a charity called Acting for others that supports actors during hardship.

I was sobbing before we had got halfway through. This is a very hard time for actors. The charity is there to help them so please enjoy the video below but also consider giving if you can. For those of you who read my Corona Virus diary each week, you will know I have been under a threat of redundancy myself. Although I now have a job for a few more months, I want to help those who are still not able to work because of theatres and gig venues being shut. I sobbed my heart out watching this as I miss theatre so much. I miss the personal performances you get with theatre. I miss the interactions with audience members. I miss the excitement of going to the theatre which always feels special and like a treat. I have no idea when theatres will open again or how performances will look in our new socially distanced world. But I know I miss it and will return as soon as it is safe to do so.

Thank you to all who featured in the film to help Acting For Others.

You can find out more about the work of Acting for others here:


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