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The Cher Show - Milton Keynes Theatre

Wow! What a show! The Cher Show has everything you need for a spectacular night out. This brand-new show tells the story of the Cher; pop goddess and icon to millions. Her path hasn’t been easy but this is a story of how one woman finds her inner strength to keep going. It’s a true-life amazing story of the one and only Cher.

What makes this show so unique is there is not one-woman playing Cher – but three. Babe Cher played by Millie O’Connell tells the beginning of Cher’s journey. She has already faced discrimination having an Armenian father but her supportive and wonderful mum tells her she will become someone special. Once Cher sees Cinderella she wants to become a singer and keeps singing A dream is a wish your heart makes…If you keep on believing, The dream that you wish will come true. This is the theme of the show. Belief.

When she meets Sonny, she is an awkward and shy 16 year old, but tells him she is 18. She falls for him hard and this sweet and innocent version of Cher realises she has a voice to sing with. She loves Sonny and trusts him. 11 years later- he controls all her money, owns almost all of Cher Enterprises and even controls her time spent with their child. Cher bravely walks away with only a car to her name.

Next up is Lady Cher played by Danielle Steers. Cher falls again for Greg Allman played by Sam Ferriday and again struggles with this relationship. He is often high and Cher has never taken drugs. Another child later and she realises this relationship isn’t working out either. Poor Cher. She doesn’t seem to be very lucky in love.

We get to the 1980’s and meet Star Cher played tonight by Samantha Ivey. Cher does Broadway, Hollywood and even wins an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Moonstruck. Things are looking up. Cher is 40 and feeling it, but meeting Rob Camilletti (Sam Ferriday) makes her feel confident again. Sadly, this doesn’t work out either as Rob couldn’t cope with all the paparazzi. The constant in her struggle is her strength. She is strong enough if she just believes. (Did you see what I did there?) And she is strong enough with her other ‘Cher’s’ to help her on her way. The three Cher’s are all on stage supporting each other, arguing with each other and just helping Cher to understand that at each stage of her life she is enough.

This new take on a jukebox musical with three versions of the lead is dazzling. All three leads have truly amazing voices; really sound like Cher and get to wear some fabulous outfits of which I was very envious of. The show is directed by Arlene Phillips with choreography is by Oti Mabuse and it is evident throughout the entire show. What fabulous dance routines. I loved loved loved the Bob Mackie tap dance number and the whole ensemble are outstanding. I also loved the ingenious way they let you know what year it was. This show has really thought about every nuance and its appreciated. I haven’t even mentioned all the wigs!

The show features so many fabulous songs but what makes this show stand out is the way the songs are used. The lyrics are really thought about at each stage of Cher’s life. You will hear all the hits including: I Got You Babe, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, Strong Enough, Believe, I’ve Found Someone, The Shoop Shoop Song, and of course, If I Could Turn Back Time.

The Cher Show is a show with so much heart. The moral of this story is believe and trust yourself. You will easily become a Cher fan if you aren’t already and the dance numbers, the three Cher’s, all with phenomenal voices and the clever use of lyrics will make this an instant classic that you will want to see time and again.

The Cher Show is playing at Milton Keynes Theatre until 13 August 2022 and then continues its UK tour.


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